Sunday, December 30, 2007

Trash or Treasure

Are you a collector of anything? I am and have a collection of a few things. Tea cups and saucers, hand blown glass balls and rocks. Yes, rocks. There is something about rocks that attract me. I'm always looking down for good ones. When we go to Cape Cod I love walking the beach looking for colored or unusual stones. When the kids were younger they would carry their towel and beach toys in a backpack. They always wondered why it seemed heavier on the way back to the car. After a while they realized I had put the stones I collected in them. I had an elderly neighbor I befriended and she loved rocks also. Mrs. R. told me when she would return to Nova Scotia to visit family when she was younger she would always bring back rocks. At the little border crossing they used, custom agents would tease her about trying to bring her homeland to this country rock by rock. I "got" that about her. When she died I had the funeral director place a few of her rocks in with her since I understood that they were important to her.
This is my collection of cups and saucers. Many came from my grandmother who collected them. Most were made in England but I have a beautiful blue, white and gold one from Russia. I also have one that belonged to Mrs. R.'s mother. I don't know how old it is but Mrs. R. was born in 1912. This is a floor to ceiling window in the kitchen that looks out into the backyard and a pink dogwood tree.
The glass balls are hanging in our front living room window. They're very pretty especially when the sun shines on them. Too bad we won't be seeing any sun around here for a few months. Note to self; move somewhere sunnier. I live down the street from a convent (the Sisters of Mercy) and I once had a nun stop and ask me about them. She said she always wondered about them when she drove by. Notice my dog Cody in the picture. He loves to sit and rest his chin on the window sill and watch the world go by. I will say that I love my collections but hate dusting them. I refer to the dust as their protective coating. I hate when some smart ass in my family does the white glove test and leaves a mark in the dust. grrrr.

While I'm typing this I'm watching the campiest movie
with number two son; Evil Dead 2


Kitten Herder said...

There IS something about the holidays that inspires us all to watch a higher ratio of trash flicks, no?

I used to collect various things. I still have way too many books, cds, and movies. I have several boxes of things in the basement that I can't seem to part with. One is an entire set of Lenox porcelain cats. I love them, but they've lived in that box for nearly a decade. Go figure.

At least you're displaying your collection. Bravo!

tornwordo said...

I love rocks too. As a kid I had one of those rock tumblers and I still have some of the polished stones from that time.

Summer said...

Kitten, what's stopping you from releasing those cats from the box. Take them out, look at them, soak in their memories. Maybe they will be a relaxing thing for you. You never know. :)

Tornwordo, I would have been in heaven with a rock tumbler. Lucky you!