Friday, December 07, 2007

More NYC

In Macy's they had the Waterford crystal ball that is dropped in Times Square on New Year's Eve on display. It was mesmerizing while it changed colors and patterns. I could have stared at it for an hour but hubby dragged me away.

This is the only picture of the Rockettes that turned out. The costumes and dancing were great and oh, to have those legs.
While in Times Square one night I mentioned I had to do bubbles. (In our family bubbles is the code word for having to pee. When number one son was being potty trained he noticed that when he peed it made bubbles in the bowl, hence when he had to go he'd say he had to do bubbles and that stuck.)
No sooner had I said that when we happened upon this store front, the Charmin Restrooms.
We proceed up the escalator and encountered a line of people cued up in a snaking line like in the theme parks. There was music playing, televisions and karaoke. As you got closer to the front of the line you could see the bathrooms. Make sure you check out the links.Twenty individual rooms that were cleaned between visitors!!! When you came out of the restroom you left the door open and they had people that went in and spritzed it. There was an MC that told you which room to use and while you waited he entertained the crowd with jokes, mostly bathroom jokes. Heaven forbid he sent you to bathrooms 1 or 2. I happened to get the VIP room. It was painted a deep green and had an iron wall sconce with a candle burning in it. Kohler toilets, sinks and fixtures, the swanky ones. I know this because we're getting ready to redo our powder room and have looked at these exact ones. Too expensive for us. You may think, "wow, she's really goin on about these bathrooms" but I am very particular about public restrooms. I was as happy as a clam. (are clams really happy and how would we know?) As you left they had prestamped Charmin Restroom postcards that you could send to friends. Too bad Mr. Whipple didn't live to see this. I'm going to switch from Cottonelle to Charmin after this! Oh and we took a carriage ride through Central Park and it was just as fun as the Charmin Restrooms.


tornwordo said...

That Charmin marketing is genius. what fun!

Summer said...

It worked on me :) and I'm a loyal brand user. There was an article about that in the NY Times.