Monday, December 10, 2007

Ring Ding-A-Ling

It's that time of year when the bell ringers are out full strength. Actually they were out before Thanksgiving. I swear I dump at least 25 bucks worth of change in the kettle over the 6 weeks before Christmas. When the boys were little I used to give them the money to put in and now they do it on their own. I feel guilty every time I pass one without donating but sometimes I just don't have any $$ on me. It doesn't help that the folks ringing are always so friendly and nice to you, even when you just walk by. I suppose if they were bitchy people wouldn't donate. I sort of wish they were then I wouldn't feel bad. I'm sure that's the marketing strategy. I've got an idea. In Palmyra not far from here, every summer the Mormons put on the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It's a big production with special effects that tells the story of the Mormon religion. I've gone a few times, once when Donny Osmond starred in the lead . It really is interesting. Anyway before the play starts the cast comes out in costume to talk to you about the religion. You can listen as long as you want or say no thank you. Which ever you do, the person will give you a sticker. This tells other cast members that you have already been approached and they leave you alone. We need that so the bell ringers know we've reached our monitary limit. You get a sticker that says you're tapped out. Then I wouldn't feel so bad and at least they would know I'm not a Scrooge.