Sunday, December 09, 2007

I'm Getting Old

It's cold here in New York. We've had 20 inches of snow since December 1 although there isn't that much on the ground anymore. We do have some icicles hanging from the eaves that look pretty with our Christmas lights. But really, it is too damn early for this stuff. We still have leaves to be raked.
So the title for this post; I am getting old. How can I tell? Putting up the Christmas tree is getting to be too much work, it's even worse taking it down. Most of the ornaments are breakable and have to be wrapped in tissue. We put it up this week and for a few days it stood there naked. Then I put half of the decorations on, finally a few days later hubby asked if I was ever going to finish it or leave it as is. I did finish it but what I think of now is the chore of taking it down. See? Getting old.

This is the second year with the white tree, we've always had green trees but last year I wanted something different. It may look tacky in the picture but it really is pretty.
Another way I can tell I'm getting old, I went shopping with my niece. Meg is 12 years old and no longer a fan of clothes from Penney's or Target. She likes American Eagle and her favorite, Hollister. At these places the name of the store is emblazoned on most of their clothes. At least American Eagle has some things with just a small eagle embroidered on it. At Hollister everything has their name across the chest. The material of the clothes is very thin, I swear you could read the newspaper through it. And they're not cheap. So for lots of money you can get a thin t-shirt that makes you a walking billboard for them. When I was a kid (there I go again, a sign of getting old) the only shirt that had a company name on them was Champion and you wore them for gym class.
See? Old.


Kitten Herder said...

Don't feel bad, our tree isn't up either and isn't really a priority.

tornwordo said...

They should be paying her to advertise! Harumph. I'm old too.

Craze said...

I'm getting old too, I didn't care if I even got all the ornaments on the tree.

My son is into the American Eagle, Hollister and Ambercrombie crap too. The ony reason I agree to buy the stuff is at least I know what crowd he's hanging with. It's not like he's asking for eye liner, black hair dye and piercings! But jeez, have you ever been to Hollister? It's like the arm pit of California!