Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ramble On

It's late, 2:25 to be exact and I can't get to sleep. Even the boys are in bed. I haven't been sleeping that great lately. When I am asleep I have strange dreams. Not good or bad dreams, just weird ones that seem very vivid. And I remember them. While I enjoy the quiet, no Guitar Hero being played or TV blasting, did you ever notice how really quiet it is at night? I can hear things I never hear during the day. The clock ticking, creaks in the house, the blades of the ceiling fan and a drip from the kitchen faucet every few minutes.

I got a jury duty questionnaire today in the mail. This means that within the next 12 months I will be called for it. I don't get it, I know many people that have never been called and this is my 5th time. Leave me alone please. I have been on federal jury duty twice and city twice. The very first time (federal court) I was the first name called, sat in chair number one. Survived all the questioning by the judge and lawyer while others were questioned and let go. I ended up being the jury foreperson because I was in seat one. I was so nervous that when I read the verdict and gave the form to the judge I had forgotten to sign it. He was very nice and told the defendant that it wasn't too late for me to sign, he was still going to jail. You're eligible for federal jury duty every 7 years. Almost 7 years to the day I got another summons. I must have done a better job than I thought. :) These days there is no getting out of jury duty, if you're excused as I once was because my students were preparing for the 5th grade state social studies test, the court signs you up automatically for a date 6 months later. For me that happened to be during spring break. How lucky was that. Insert eye roll here.

I hate going to the doctor but not for the reason that most people do. I love my doctor and the staff. I go there several times a year to monitor my diabetes. What I hate is that he is in an office building attached to the hospital and the only parking is in a parking garage. First, that means you have to pay to park and second, I once forgot where I parked (that seems to be a problem I have so whenever I go to stores that I go to regularly I always park in the same general area every time. It makes for a smaller area to search.

I also get somewhat panicked when I don't see my car right away. That comes from a trip to Canada when I took my sister and a friend to an away game of our AHL hockey team. We had never been to St. Catherine's before and and parked in a lot of a small store that was closed for the night. The lot had other cars in it. When we came out of the game, the lot was empty. WTF I go up to the closed store to see if there was a pay phone around and posted on the door is this tiny sign that says "no hockey parking" Now what do I do? Luckily I recognized a local women that traveled to our home games when we played her team. I approached her and told her my story. Apparently this store and a local towing company were in bed together. They post this tiny sign to cover their ass and the towing company gives them a kickback for the business. Claire, the Canadian, takes me to the impound lot where my car is and the guy tells me how much to get my car back. CASH only. Canadian cash only. All I had was American money and not enough of it either. I had to save some to pay the toll on the bridge and thruway. This was in the days before ATMs so I have no way to get any money. I told him I had 45.00 American money, that's all he was getting from me. No good he says. I told him that my money was worth .47 more per dollar than his, he'd make it up at the bank when he turned it in. Nope was his reply. I then told him to call the cops because the jig was up. Long story short, well sort of, Claire was my guardian angel while he was the only Canadian I had ever met and I've met lots, been there many times, who was ever rude and obnoxious. I have always found Canadians to be very friendly and nice. Where this whole thing is going is here, when I come out of a store and can't see my car right away I have this irrational fear that it's been towed for some reason. Thanks a lot Mr. Greasy Tow Truck jockey.

It's now 3:10 am, time for me and the dog to go back to bed and try again. Thanks for reading my ramblings. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Kitten Herder said...

Great ramble. Sleepless nights are always creative time for me too. I have chronic insomnia. Sometimes the best way to get the voices to shut up is to dump their ramblings out on the keyboard.

Hope you were able to get to sleep after your post.