Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Left Handed Day!
If you're a lefty that is. My youngest son, the curly headed one, is a lefty. Neither Sean nor I are lefties. My sister and her husband are both left handed but both of their kids are righties.
Number One is right handed but golfs, bats and shoots hockey pucks left handed.
Number Two is a lefty and golfs and bats right handed. Hhhhmmmm.
Being left handed can be a challenge. The world is made for righties. Desks, scissors, the computer mouse, knives, spiral and composition notebooks some power tools and more I can't think of are all for the rights. One thing a lefty has an advantage over a rightie is the keyboard. The left side of a keyboard has more of the most common letters in the English language than the right.
I found out that mothers over 40 have a 128% of having a left handed child than a mother in her twenties. More men are left handed than women. Years ago children were forced to use their right hand if they favored the left. Thank goodness not anymore. I love my lefty and was happy when he went left, just something different from others.
Some famous left handed people: Albert Enstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and David Bowie