Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Can goldfish be mentally challenged? I think so. We've had a goldfish for about a year now. His name is Abe (named after the character Abe Vigoda played on Barney Miller, "Fish") Many times I walk into the kitchen where he lives in his bowl on the table and he's floating upside down. When I get near the bowl he rights himself and looks at me for food. Sometimes he swims around upside down. Maybe one of the times his bowl got cloudy his brain was oxygen deprived.

Cleaning up some financial stuff in our life and it feels good. Just refinanced our home, traded in my 2004 Explorer on a Honda CR-V. It gets about 23 miles per gallon up from 14 although I do miss the V6 in the Ford. We sold our Coleman pop up camper so we no longer needed a big vehicle to tow it. I will miss the camper. I've been camping for about 40 years. But now both kids have jobs so it's hard to fit everyone's schedule into a camping vacation. Last year Sean and I went by ourselves for a week and it was very nice but... I'm at the point where I only want to camp at a Hilton.

Speaking of a Hilton, is anyone else overdosed on that girl. If I have to hear her name one more time on TV I'm turning it off for good. I don't understand how a girl who does absolutely nothing with her life except party and forget to wear panties in public gets this much face time in the media. Her parents must be so pround.

It has been so hot here, in the 90's and we've already had half the amount of days over 90 that we average for an entire summer. I won't complain because I wished for this during the past winter. My perfect temperature is 75 degrees but as long as I have air conditioning I'll survive.

Some sad news in our town, 5 newly minted high school graduates were killed in a firey car crash last night. The girls were on their way to a cottage when they slammed head on into a tractor trailer. Another car behind them was travelling with them. When number one son and his friends started driving several years ago our rule was that he couldn't ride with anyone until they had their license for 6 months and he couldn't drive any friends for 6 months. Number two wondered why I would let him ride with his brother though. They think I'm overprotective and maybe I am but when they're parents themselves one day they will understand.


Michelle said...

LOL thats funny about the goldfish! LOL We had one a few years ago...that thing lived for 3 years!! I thought they had really short lives! anyway...we thought it was mentally challenged or something , It would just do weird things.

I have a Honda CR-V...and I LOVE it! It is great on gas and it's sporty enough that my kids like driving it MUCH better than the minivan that I used to own..hehe Hey,my thought on that is.....ya drive what momma happens to have at the time. SUck it up! It's been a great little car for me though....

I'm sorry to hear about the teenagers who were killed! It always seems that there are more teen car accidents this time of year with graduation and all. There was a crash here a couple weeks ago.....a boy from the same HS my son attends, was driving back from a grad party with 2 girls. He crossed over 2 lanes and crashed into a semi. He died, the girls lived. So sad.

It's ok to be overprotective. IT's a parents right :)

Kitten Herder said...

Maybe "Fish" had some of those hash brownies on that episode of Barnie Miller. Perhaps he likes looking at the world from a different angle?