Saturday, June 02, 2007

It is so relaxing to sit in the garden. These are coral bells.
A larger shot of the garden.

This is called black and blue salvia.

This little chipmunk and his two friends are enjoying the
buffet that is our bird feeder. They're funny when you get close
to them. They freeze like a statue thinking that if they
don't move you won't see them. We stood there for
10 minutes staring at each other. I finally moved first.

Purple columbine, I also have a maroon specimen.

Gazanias (above) close up in the evening or when it's very overcast outside. When my nephew was little (he is just finishing 3rd grade now so he thinks he's no longer "little") he called them sleeping flowers. He would call me to ask if my flowers were awake or sleeping.

I don't know what these are called. I bought them for the beautiful multi colors. My garden has no color theme. Just what ever looks good to me. As long as it's colorful.

I have spent some time thinking in the garden today. First some background. I have always been outspoken and opinionated. I used to think that if someone didn't do something or handle a situation the way I would, it must not be the right way. I wanted things my way. I worked long and hard to turn some of these traits around. If you believe all of the astrological stuff, I am a true Leo in almost every way. I can be demanding but I hate to disappoint people, hurt their feelings or make them feel bad about themselves.

I did that yesterday to two important people. First, yesterday was an "anniversary" of a life altering event in my life. I was devastated by it. Without going into detail, this event brings me a few days of stress and sadness every year. I have decided once and for all, I will get over it, focus on the positive and stop letting it control me. I had an idea, tried it and it backfired. Big time. All it did was make someone else unhappy and down more so then they may have already been. That was not my intention. My intention was to turn this day around. Focus on what good came out of it. It didn't work, in the end we both ended up feeling crappy.

Later that evening while chatting with a friend, my thoughts, opinions and mouth got me in trouble again. Everyone handles situations in their lives differently and just because it's not how I would handle it, that's the way they need to handle it. My intention was not to make my friend feel inadequate or overwhelmed. Things were said that made me feel bad too.

Life is complicated. I guess I'll keep my opinions to myself.


Sandi said...

it's tough not to express your own opinions without hurting others sometimes. Been there.. done that. it hurts all involved.

I hope that your garden brings you half the pleasure it brings me just looking at it. :)

Chelle said...

I am opinionated like that also...and I, too, have hurt others in the process of expressing my own opinion. Definitely not my intention....jsut something I need to learn to deal with better. I'm sorry that was so rough for you :(