Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I haven't posted in a while and I miss it. I have another blog that I have taken a break from since some jerk has been leaving death threats in the comments. I have a pretty thick skin about things but that is just over the top. I am leaving that blog alone for a while. In the mean time life just continues on.

My number one son got his first car, a 1999 Honda Civic. I worry slightly more when he's out now that he's not driving my Explorer or dad's Honda CR-V. He has two jobs this summer. One is at Ben & Jerry's (an ice cream shop) and he works with his brother who happens to be his boss. His summer nursing job in the cardiac care unit is going well although he hasn't had to deal with any death yet.

Son number two finished his junior year in high school. He is working more hours for Ben & Jerry's this summer as the shift leader and they just gave him his own key to the store so he can open and close for the owners.

We finally closed on the refinance of our house after a big mess with Countrywide Home Loans. DO NOT ever use them. We may take legal action against them. I'm sure going against this giant company will not be worth it so who knows.

Today was my last day of school with students. My fifth graders are now offically out of my hair and into someone else's in middle school! It was a tough year but in about 3 weeks I will start to miss them.


Sandi said...

totally cool about your boys working together. :)

and death threats?? you gotta be kidding me! wtf??? creepy

Michelle said...

And I thought my hater was bad. I cna't imagine death threats. That is just plain scary!!!

We have country wide for our far so good. Now I am going to be paranoid! EEK!!