Saturday, June 30, 2007


Do you have any quirks? I don't think there's anyone who doesn't have any.
I know I have a few.
For instance, I like to have my clocks set 5 - 7 minutes ahead of the real time.
I don't know why. For some reason when my alarm goes off in the morning I like knowing
that it's really not as late as my clock says and I can close my eyes for a few more minutes.
Same thing in my vehicle. I like the clock set fast so when I have to be somewhere it looks like I'm going to be a few minutes late but get there on time.
I know, very strange. My husband doesn't get it. Just keep the clock at the correct time he says, what's the difference? Well, it must be some psychological thing for me. I don't know why but he's right, it is all in my head and I like it that way. He set the clock in our new car to the correct time. Next time I'm driving alone I'm moving it forward a few minutes.

Another quirk, maybe not so much a quirk as a ritual. I have to put my stockings or socks on starting with my left leg. If I don't for some reason, I have to start over. It just doesn't feel right if I go right side first. Same with putting my shoes on, left first then right.

One thing you might consider a quirk but I think goes back to the womb is that when my hands are at rest or especially when I'm sleeping, the thumb is always tucked into my hand with my fingers curled around it. My dad used to tell me if I ever need to defend myself, don't make a fist like that, keep your thumb on the outside. I think of little babies when they sleep with their butt up in the air, they must have been comfortable in the womb. For me, I must have liked my thumb curled in my hand.

Where do quirks come from? I think many quirks or certain things you like start in early childhood maybe even infancy. If I'm in bed and Sean rubs my butt, I'm asleep. My mother must have done that when I was a baby to calm me down and get me to sleep. I know that's how I got my babies to sleep. Forget the back rub, I'm all about the ass!

We are enjoying beautiful weather here in the northeast. For a while we were in the high 80's low 90's and humid. It has gotten cooler now, low 80's mid 70's. Perfect weather for me. I love to sit out in the garden, listen to the birds, read or do crossword puzzles. It was a long school year this year and I'm just chilling. Lucky me :)

I hope your summer is going just as well.


Chelle said...

Wow! I thought i was the only one do do that with clocks! lol I am exactly like that and my husband doesn't' get it either!! hehe Men! lol