Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What is she thinking?

I'm sure you've all heard about Patricia Rashbrook, but in case you've been trapped down a well she is the 62 year old British woman (a child psychologist) that had a baby on July 9. I don't know what she and her husband were thinking, let alone the doctors that went along with this lunacy. 62 years old! Come on. I am all for technology helping couples that can't conceive to become pregnant. There is nothing worse in the world than wanting a baby and not being able to have one. I speak from experience here. To have that need to love, care and nurture a child and not be able to so is devistating. I was lucky enough to have a happy ending to my story and have 2 wonderful boys that I give thanks for everyday. I know there are people out there that say if God wanted you to have a baby you would but I don't believe that. Whether it be through adoption or science I am all for doing what it takes to become a mother. Except in this case. Women were designed to stop being fertile after a certain age for a reason.The chances of medical problems and danger to mom and and baby is huge but just the age difference between mother and child is reason enough not to do it. This woman has 3 grown, adult children, she may be a grandmother, I don't know. So her present husband, age 60, has no children of his own, is that a reason to do this? Parenthood is an exhausting, endless, vacationless job. You need to be up for the challenge. When this little boy is 18 years old his mother, if she lives this long will be 80 years old. Now I realize this boy will probably never regret being born and will have people in his life that will love and care for him if mommy and daddy exit this Earth anytime soon but I feel ethically, what doctor would help this woman reproduce for purely selfish reasons? There needs to be a cut off point with medical intervention. When I had my second child, he and I almost died. Seriously. It was an awful ordeal for Sean and the rest of our families. When I talked to my doctor about a third child he asked me if I was happy with my boys and did I love them? Of course I was!! He then told me, yes, your medical problems would most likely happen again and was the risk worth it? What convinced me was when he told me that it is a terrible thing to loose a baby but its even worse when you loose the mother especially when she has little children at home that need her. That was the end of me wanting another child, it was a real wake up call. Sorry, got off topic for a minute, but this woman and her husband as well as the doctor they found are way off base.
While I am on the subject of children I'll relate another story and of course, my opinion. Our 16 year old is taking his manditory health class in summer school to give his schedule more flexibility in his junior year in Sept. Yesterday was the first day of it. I have to take him to his high school every morning so he can catch the bus to another town's high school where summer school happens to be this year. There is no bus to pick him up at home and we live about 5 miles from his school. Hence I drop him off 7:10 and pick him up at 12:15. Today is has been pouring rain continuously. I get to the school to pick him up and the bus loop is clogged with cars waiting for the buses. Now during the school year, cars are not allowed in the loop, what makes summer any different. There is a huge parking lot across from the loop. The buses come and they can hardly navigate through the cars. Yes it's raining but these kids can suck it up, a little rain won't hurt them. They have young legs and can run to the car. I love Cameron but if he gets wet, it's not the end of the world. I work in education I have come to the conclusion that many, not all but a lot of kids today have an air of entitlement. Their parents have made life too easy for them, never saying no to them, handing over money, fighting their battles for them, never making them take responsibility, I could go on. What happens then is that when someone finally does tell them no or has them do something they don't want to they get mad. Not only the kids but the parents also. I'll give you an example; yesterday, the first day of summer school the classroom Cam was in was air conditioned. Today they had to move to a non air conditioned room for the remainder. Do you know why? A student was cold yesterday and her parent called the school to complain. So now when at the end of the week when it is going to be 92 degrees out, no air conditioning. Rather than tell their child to take a sweatshirt they make it so the classroom is changed. Guess what hypocritical mother is going to call and complain that her child is too hot now. That's right, ME! Why should the teacher and other students suffer because of one? Reading back on this post I seem rather bitchy. I'm going to blame it on the rain and not take responsibility for my bitchiness. LOL


CP said...

You know, Summer, I have mixed emotions on the 62 year old thing. I think it is worse to be 14 years old and have a kid you really don't want to bother with than to be 62 years old and have a baby that you REALLY want to have and love. I mean, sure, neither situation is ideal...and it is a little selfish on both fronts, but a wanted baby? That's always a good thing.

But yeah, sad that she probably won't ever be able to run around with her child. They will both have to change each others diapers soon enough.


(PS: Thank you for the good wishes for my son on my blog!)