Saturday, July 22, 2006

More Flowers

Just when you thought I wouldn't post anymore garden pictures here's more.
This is St. John's Wart. The flowers look like yellow puff balls and the bees love them.

Our hydrangas are having a great year. I don't know why. In past years we might get 4 or 5 blooms but this summer they're heavy with them.

The trumpet vine always does well, it seems to grow before your eyes. It reminds me of a waterfall or fountain the way the vines cascade down and flower. I read an article that stated vines in general are growing rampant due to pollution. They apparently like carbon monoxide. In some forest areas they are strangling the trees. It specifically mentioned poison ivy vines and honeysuckle. I'm not sure about it though, my honeysuckle that we just planted this year is not looking so hot.

Black Eyed Susan is a great plant, comes back every year and the flowers last a long time. Pink Coneflower is next to it.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Nice garden pictures, love the monarch on the hydrangeas--everyone's seem to be doing well this year, at least around here.