Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We had a harrowing rain and lightening storm last night. I did enjoy it but the best part came when it was over. I always feel so lucky when I see a rainbow.

It would be nice if all utilities were underground and we
could have unspoiled views but I have become so used to
seeing them that I didn't notice the wires until Sean
downloaded the pictures.

One of my goals this summer is to keep waiting for the
hummingbird to visit and then get a perfect picture of him.
I haven't succeeded yet.

A post script to a previous post about fuglies in my
basement; here's one up close and personal. I hate them,
can you see why? No wonder I have arachnophobia!
(I spelled it right this time :) ) You can't really tell how
big it is in this picture but trust me, it's huge!! I never go
down there in barefeet in case I don't see it before I step on
one. But again, trust me, I can pick them out in the dark,
my eyes are like an eagle when it comes to that.


S said...

Love your pictures.

I waiting patiently for a hummingbird to find my new feeder, too.

But so far..nothing :(

Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting..

I like yours and will be back!

Dwight said...

I noticed the rainbow in the top photo is a double rainbow. Unusual but not rare, the colors in the second one will be less vibrant and reverse of the first one.