Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Randomosity (is that a word?)

I had an idea for a post in the middle of the night but I didn't get up and write it down so now I've forgotten it. So my dear few and far between readers, today you just get random thoughts and some pictures from my trusty camera.
My birthday is coming up and early in July there's a big event called the Corn Hill Arts Festival. My sisters, mom and I go and many times my mom will buy my birthday gift there. This year was no different. I saw this, it's a cut glass wine decanter turned into a hummingbird feeder. I had to have it. So 35.00 later, Happy early Birthday to me. Is that a lot for it? Maybe, but I liked it and knew it would add to my garden. Plus my idea of a birthday present for people is to get them something they wouldn't buy for themselves. And I wouldn't have spent the $$ on it.
See this? This hummingbird feeder came from Lowe's and was only six bucks.
Guess which feeder my little pickle comes to? I call him that because when he sits in the dogwood tree he looks like a little gerkin. If you guessed the el cheapo feeder you'd be right!

Coneflower in my garden.

Queen Anne's Lace not in my garden but on the side of the road.

I don't know why this was flying over my house, maybe on it's way to Fort Drum.

From my backyard looking into my neighbor's backyard. There's something she likes to snack on over there but whatever it is I hope it stays there. While she's beautiful I don't want her eating my plants.

Lake Ontario facing west.
Looks like rain coming my way.