Monday, July 27, 2009

Are you ready for some football??

It's still summertime but football fans around the country are gearing up for the season. It's time for training camp. I'm not really a football fan, although I was for a time in high school. For four years I went to every home and away football game. My school was a powerhouse and was state champion most of those years. Even though I don't live in the South where they live and die high school and college football my school was a big deal. My parents went to every game and took me and my girlfriends. Here's my confession; I hardly paid attention to the game. I was too busy talking and when we did pay attention to the game it was to look at the boys. To this day I don't know the rules of the game very well and when I watch I'm just looking at the guys. That being said, I live about 1.5 miles away from the college where the Buffalo Bills have their training camp and it started on Saturday along with the media frenzy that follows Terrell Owens.

Now I know very little about him other than his propensity for trouble.
What those troubles are I don't know.

How can someone with a smile this friendly be trouble? I hope he's the much needed shot in the arm that the Bills need to be successful this season.

And if he wore this on the field, I'd be watching for sure!