Saturday, January 17, 2009

This and That

Winter. I'm sick of it. We've had snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving this year. I was in the grocery store the other day and decided to buy a little taste of summer even though it cost me 3.99 for a little tiny container. But oh, they were so yummy. Raspberries always make me think of my grandmother so it was worth the price.

I have several pet peeves. Some bother me more than others at different times. I have one bothering me right now. People that forward stupid things to me. All the time. Things I am not remotely interested in. I don't mind forwards if they're funny to me. Most friends know what makes each other laugh. There is a person who forwards me the stupidest things. She will remain nameless but suffice it to say I'm related to her by marriage and I sleep with her son. Let me tell you why I dislike receiving forwards from she who shall remain a secret.

Despite my age, I am not a senior citizen yet. I'm not her peer. I don't want all these cute little stories and animated clip art about being old. I'm not ready to laugh at memory loss, incontinence, dentures, hearing aids, saggy boobs, impotence, etc. I certainly don't want any sex jokes from her. I don't like the I better get this back warnings although I don't think she puts that in there. That comes from who ever started it.

I used to have a roadrunner email address but when our computer crashed over the summer my computer guy (hubby) couldn't figure out how to get it back. The mail box must be filled with spam by now. All from this person. Since I no longer access it I forgot about all the stuff she would send. She found out that I'm not that email and now sends me junk to my yahoo email. How do I tell someone I love to please stop sending me this crap.

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So I changed my blog a little bit. Actually just the background design and colors not the content. I'm not sure if I like the white. The black seemed to make the photos "pop" more but I wanted to brighten it up some. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I really, really, really like the background!! So cool and pretty.

yeah..I get some forwarded stuff that to me is just crap and I don't even open them usually. just delete!

I dunno how you can tell her to stop.

Gman said...

I dont know how you say it; I told my mother-in-law that one of the things she forwarded me wasnt anything more than an urban myth and boy am I in the dog house now!!!!!!!!!