Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Look at Former Presidents

Yesterday I did a post about a certain someone who forwards junk to me. So far today she's only forwarded me one thing and it just so happens that it's one that I think is pretty cool. Go figure.

While watching the presidents morph into one another I noticed that about one third of them had facial hair. Abraham Lincoln number 16 started the trend with the whole beard thing and number 18 Ulysses S. Grant, 19 Rutherford B. Hayes and 20 James Garfield followed suit. President Grover Cleveland numbers 22 & 24 as well as Benjamin Harrison 23, Theodore Roosevelt 26 and William Taft 27 had just the mustache. I can't leave out the presidents with funky sideburns; Thomas Jefferson number 3, John Quincy Adams 6 and Zachary Taylor 12 . President number 8 Martin VanBuren and number 21 Chester A. Arthur had some crazy hair goin' on. How could anyone take them seriously looking like they did.
Other things I noticed is that in the early years of our nation there were no good barbers around. We had some scruffy looking presidents sitting for their portraits. Also they didn't smile. Smiles didn't really start showing up until Richard Nixon and his little grin, the subsequent presidents all smiled for their paintings. The strangest looking president; number 14 Franklin Pierce. He went down in history as one the worst presidents due to some of his decisions but maybe his dubious honor will be usurped by the 43rd president.
This United States is a young country having just 44 presidents so far. The first president I remember was JFK. I came home from kindergarten one day in November of 1963 and found my mother crying. I look forward to a new regime.


Gman said...

I look forward to a new regime that doesnt immediately undo everything the previous has done. He is not in office and yet he has made two critical errors by vowing to close Gitmo prison and taking away the CIA's ability to interogate people as they see fit. Wow whta blunder those will be when they come back to bite him.....