Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Eve

Oh the weather outside was frightful
but the fire was so delightful...
and I was the designated driver.
We went over to our friend's house for New Year's Eve and had a great time as usual. There were 3 couples and when the "boys" get together you never know what's going to happen or come out of their mouths. Us ladies made them promise not to mock Dick Clark at midnight. We had all gone to breakfast a few days earlier while the girlfriend was here and I think they shocked her. Anyway, it was a few minutes to midnight and it took two people to open the champagne.Hurry Man, Hurry!

Here, let me help you.

See what I mean?
They ended up using a channel lock tool to get it open and we toasted at about 12:10.


Gman said...

OH MY GAWD BECKY!!!!!!!!!!! Just LOVE the polar bear sweats LOL,...LOL...I am gonna fall outta my chair!