Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Have I mentioned lately that winter sucks? If not, it does. Today's storm is making a mess of things. The school buses were over 30 minutes late this morning. Why did we have school? Because the high school has mid-terms and regents exams. Can't close schools if they got that goin' on. Here's the thing though, the high school is closed for this week except for the students taking these tests. Why not let the rest of us off and just send those students to school?
We have a double driveway and is about 2.5 car lengths long. We're running out of room to put the snow, the piles are getting too high. This is the crap at the end of the driveway that the snowplow deposits. It's heavy snow and the small snow blower that we have doesn't like it so hubby has to shovel.
Speak of the devil, there's the plow now, at least it's on the other side of the road.

This car got stuck in the snow trying to get away from that big blade. The plow driver was shoveling salt over to get some traction then he and hubby gave them a push.

Oh no, here it comes again. Now it's on our side of the road.

Tell me how you really feel.
Where am I while all this is going on?
Inside in the warmth taking pictures!


Kitten Herder said...

Truly, I feel your pain. We got the same snow dump that you did. Another 10 inches or so. Yay!

That was one scary looking plow, BTW.

Gman said...

nice here in sunny california today. I think it was um 72 degrees today.....

Craze said...

Ok, I'll quit bitching about our weather now...