Monday, April 27, 2009

When pigs fly

This swine flu thing has gotten me nervous. Is it me or did it just come out of nowhere? As of right now 147 people have died in Mexico. What seems unusual is that many of the victims are not typical of what you'd expect, very young or very old. Young and healthy people are dieing of it. I worry about my oldest who works in a hospital in NYC and the youngest living in a crowded college dorm. I guess worrying is part of a mother's job description. I certainly hope this virus goes away quietly. At one time, few people traveled internationally. Now with people flying more destinations than ever germs can travel just as fast.
In 1976 I was 17 and a senior in high school when there was an outbreak of swine flu in the country. I distinctly remember that because my parents made me get a swine flu shot. I did not want to get one but they dragged me anyway. The county had a clinic set up at the county fair grounds and it was like an assembly line. By the way, that's what they used to give the shot, talk about scary! To top it off it was all for naught. There never was a big epidemic. Today if there was a vaccination available I might be dragging my kids there. It would be nice if all of us that were inoculated back then would be immune now.
Wishful thinking.