Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friend Me

Are you on Facebook?
Why yes I am, thanks for asking.
I joined Facebook several months ago and at first I didn't know why. Sounds strange huh? Then it hit me, I can keep up on what my kids are doing. I would never call it spying, just catching a glimpse into their lives. Now that my nest is empty I don't see them or speak with them every day and I sorely miss that. Facebook allows me to see what's going on with them or drop them a line. Why not call them some may ask. Well I'm pretty sure they don't want to talk to me every day plus with one in college and the other working nights at the hospital so who knows when it's a good time to call.
I told both that I was going to friend them and if they didn't want to accept they didn't have to, my feelings wouldn't be hurt. I told them not to alter the content what-so-ever just because mom would be reading. I understood going into it I may see some things that I didn't like or I'd be surprised about. My oldest accepted me right away, my youngest took a few days to think about it but did eventually accept. My dad and hubby's mom are also on Facebook and are friends with their grandchildren.
I've learned that both drop the F bomb now and then but never have at home or in front of me and I'm fine with that. I see that both still procrastinate. I found out number one son and his girlfriend have pet names for each other. A friend of number two left a comment that she thought it was cute that I comment on his page and a friend of number one commented that "your mother is on your Facebook page??!!"
But it's so much more than just my kids. I've found and been found by people from elementary and high school. I've joined a group that someone formed about my childhood neighborhood and found someone from high school who knows a teacher I work with. You know that whole six degrees of separation thing.
I only have 20 some friends, maybe people my age aren't really into the whole FB experience but according to this more and more older folks are joining.
BTW, my Facebook is under my real name, Summer is an alias but trust me, my real name is as unique as Summer.