Monday, April 13, 2009

Shiver my timbers!

I'm a kind and gentle person. Sometimes it may not seem that way because I'm opinionated and passionate about what I think is right. I'm a peaceful person. I don't like violence. I am always amazed at what one human can do to another so I surprised myself when the news came out that American ship captain Richard Phillips was taken hostage by Somali pirates.
My first thought was that we and I mean the US Navy should have shot the pirates dead on the spot when they refused to give up Phillips. I still feel that way and am glad that it ended that way. The pirates are dead and Phillips is free to continue his life as a law abiding citizen with his family and friends.
I am just so tired of bad people taking advantage of good people minding their own business. The world is a cruel place and getting more cruel by the day. Lawless gangs and warlords have taken over Somalia and I feel for the innocent people and the fisherman that are forced to do their bidding. But I feel it was time to send a message that it will not be tolerated.
This can go two ways; either the pirates will learn something from this action and back off or it will make it worse and more innocents will be taken. I for one think the right thing was done and it should have been done sooner rather than later.
Some may not agree with me but again, some have to learn their lessons the hard way.


Gman said...

YES, YES, and while we're at it, lets send in some tactical bombers and taking out the pirates strongholds and staging stations, and maybe even slip a 500 pounder or two inside Somalia as well-LETS Go!!! Oh what the heck lets just level the whole region.....!!

Summer said...

Gman; are you being facetious?

Gman said...

if you are asking if I am joking, um, the answer is no......I have no tolerance for pirates or terrorists.....

Kitten Herder said...

The pirates are not put off by our actions. It seems to embolden them further. With our technology, we can see what color shoe laces someone has on. I say that we monitor the Somali coast line for a couple of months. Anyone seen with a high powered weapon (rocket/grenade launcher, etc.) getting on a boat, the boat should be target for sinking as soon as it leaves port. A few months of that might get the message across.

I can appreciate the fisherman who feels the need to arm himself to protect his livelihood. Distance-based high powered weapons are not meant to protect one's livelihood. They are meant to threaten others.