Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am a colonoscopy virgin. That will all change tomorrow morning at 0900 hours. Everyone tells me that the prep is the worst part. First the day before you cannot have any solid food. I'm starved. Hubby and son went out for dinner, no food in front of me! Then at 1800 hours (6 pm for those who don't know military time, I had to use it in my old job) you have to start drinking 8 oz of liquid mixed with the magic powder every 15 minutes over two hours. That's a total of 64 oz. It reminds me of when I had ultra sounds when pregnant with my second child. Except this time there will be no pictures of a baby to look at, just the inside of my colon. At this stage in the game I guess that's better than seeing a baby! One glass down, only seven to go. Let the fun begin.


S said...

I have a feeling that you will not be reading comments, unless you have a laptop in your bathroom ;)
Good luck with the colon dealio.
I thought for sure that I had sent you a link to the blog.. especially since you were always a faithful reader of the old one. Anyway.. glad you found me and figured me out! :)

Gman said...

any medical procedure is no fun. I have had 23 sympathetic nerve blocks and 7 back surgeries- the wife goes in for knee surgery next week

Kitten Herder said...

Definitely, Yuk ... and good luck.