Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I big red puffy heart the beach

We escaped from the senior citizen community (remember I mean that in a nice way) and spent 2 days in Clearwater. Again the weather was sunny and a little cool but you could tell the vacationers. They were the ones in the shorts or bikinis.
We stayed at the Best Western located at the very south end of Clearwater Beach.
We found a great restaurant in our travels that evening, The Conch Republic located in Redington Beach. I had grouper and it was scrumptious.

I love the beach, the sound of the surf and looking for seashells. I'm used to northern beaches having spent lots of time on the beaches of North Truro on Cape Cod. The sand is coarser and tan in the north with not many shells, most of the time I collect pretty stones. I hit the mother lode at this beach, finding more than enough seashells for me as well as for my kindergartners. The shells are also different in Florida. The one above was a perfect specimen, I couldn't believe it was just laying there but...

if you look closely it has an animal living in it, most likely a hermit crab. I'm very careful about this, I will not take a shell if it has something living in it so this crab lived another day. I tossed more than a few great shells back into the ocean but at least I got to see them.

One of the bridges that takes you over to other barrier islands.

This poor little bird has a broken leg.

Sunset at Maderia Beach, it wasn't warm when the sun went down.

I'm a beach babe even though I use 70 SPF sunscreen and don't don a bathing suit. Fair skinned with freckles, green eyes and red hair is asking for trouble with the sun.


S said...

sounds like a fabulous trip. I love seeing the pictures. I bet your little kiddos loved the shells, too!

Gman said...

I tried to warn you the snowbirds(old folks) would still be in residence! Now is about the time they start to leave and the spring breakers start their yearly treak-At least it was that way in the late 80's and earliy 90's when I made the journey several times. oh well looks like a fun trip, I font go out much but this week I am on jury duty---yukkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Kitten Herder said...

Sun, surf, sand! *sigh*