Friday, March 20, 2009


Holy crap (no pun intended) am I glad that colonoscopy is over. The prep...words can't describe it, well they can but you don't want to know. The actual procedure was okay, somewhat uncomfortable at times but okay. Turns out they don't totally put you out. I could open my eyes and look at the screen and hear them talk about my many diverticuli. TMI I know.

The strangest thing of all was what was hanging on the wall. In my exam room and the procedure room they had this on the wall.

Minus the stuffed head.

Just the rear ends.

At first I didn't really think about it, I was too preoccupied with what was about to go down (or up) in a few minutes. It wasn't until afterwards and still drugged when I really looked at them and thought, "oh I get it, I'm in an ass doctor's office and he has a sense of humor!" I'm just glad I don't have to see them for another 10 years.


S said...

I am so glad that went well for you (or at least as good as it can get).
I will admit those little wall hangings are funny! :)