Monday, February 16, 2009


According to NASA 71% of the Earth's surface is covered in water.
Most of it are oceans and only 3% is fresh water. As far as the freshwater goes 18% of it is located in the Great Lakes with Lake Superior alone accountable for about 9% of it.
I don't know why Lake Michigan was left off of this chart and that's the only Great Lake I haven't visited.

I live about 12 miles from Lake Ontario. If you look at the word Ontario on the map I'm right at that little inlet by the letter "a" and that's where the previous post's pictures came from. But this post isn't about freshwater, that's for another day when I'll talk about why I think water will replace oil as the next global crisis.

What I'm amazed at is that with so much ocean out there two nuclear-armed submarines managed to crash into each other.

From the article...
This is the most severe incident involving a nuclear submarine since the sinking of the Kursk in 2000 and the first time since the Cold War that two nuclear-armed subs are known to have collided," said Kate Hudson, head of Britain's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
I bet she takes a lot of grief with that name especially if she's, ahem, not good looking.

HMS Vanguard came into service in 1993, has a crew of around 140 and typically carries 16 Lockheed Trident D5 missiles. Under government policy, British nuclear submarines carry a maximum of 48 warheads. At least one of Britain's four submarines is on patrol and ready to fire at any given time. France's Le Triomphant carries 111 crew and 15 nuclear missiles, according to defense analysis group Jane's.

I wouldn't do well in a submarine, I don't like to be under water even in a swimming pool. Anyway, read the whole article here, it's interesting and scary and will make you too wonder how this can happen.


Kitten Herder said...

OMG. This incident must be inspiring intelligent women everywhere! I posted about this in the a.m. Another friend posted about it around noon. And now you!

While I know that there are women in the military, you gotta know that men were piloting these things. And they say women can't drive!

Gman said...

Have your laugh ladies, you've earned it! Navy submarines have been involved in at least 42 collisions with vessels since 1983, including five incidents involving fishing boats that were dragged or sunk, according to federal documents.Since 1965 there have been at least 15 direct collisions
between U.S., Russian, French, British and Chinese nuclear submarines
and military surface ships.During that period, 43 Soviet and seven U.S. nuclear warheads, as well
as seven nuclear reactors have been lost at sea in submarine sinkings.there have been 612 accidents
involving U.S. nuclear submarines alone and that 19 Russian and U.S.
nuclear reactors, and two reactor screens from damaged nuclear
submarines, have been dumped at sea from damaged submarines.Altogether, the Soviet Union has lost at least five submarines with
more than 40 nuclear warheads...Boys and their toys!!!

tornwordo said...

Actually, Lake Michigan is on that chart. It's coupled with Lake Huron.