Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sound the Alarm

When I was a kid whenever there was a fire call the sirens went off at the fire house. You don't hear that anymore in these days of pagers and cell phone communication. Some firehouses still do blow the siren at noon.
We happen to be in traffic right in front of one of the local ones when it went off today. Notice the temperature. We're having a heat wave. Earlier this week it was down in the single digits.


Kitten Herder said...

A friend of mine was a volunteer firefighter in a small town years ago. She joined just before the communications transition. At first they would do the siren thing to call all the firefighters in. Then, she got a radio, just for night use. (Apparently, the townies didn't want all the residents woken if there was a fire.) Finally, they went to pagers. Last I heard they had an automated call system that would dial all the firefighters designated phone numbers whenever there was an event.