Friday, February 06, 2009

Six is more than enough

I try hard not to be judgemental about most things (but not baby killer Casey Anthony) and waited to hear from Nadya Suleman, 33, the mother of the California octuplets. She finally talked and she's got issues. Big time.
I don't fault anyone for wanting a child or five but this woman is over the top. Suleman already had six children ages 2 - 7 years old when she decided she needed to have more. She is an unemployed single mother living with her parents. I'm sure she will love these babies but what was she thinking?
Let's look at her history. In 1999 she was injured on the job at a mental hospital when she was hit in the back with a desk during a riot. She worked very little after that. From 2002 - 2008 she collected $165,000. in disability insurance payments. Suleman stated that "the injury left her in constant pain". These were the years that her original six children were born. According to Suleman she suffered from depression after the injury that led to the disillusion of her marriage. That first baby, "lifted her spirits". In December of 2001 another pregnancy apparently aggravated her existing back condition. Did is stop her? Hell no.
Suleman goes on to say about her own childhood and the fact that she was an only child, "I just longed for certain connections and attachments with another person that...I really lacked, I believe growing up". She went on to call her childhood as "pretty dysfunctional".
I'm reading between the lines here and am getting the vibe that she's blaming her parents for not giving her a sibling so she has to fill her life with children. Had she had a sibling she wouldn't have this fixation about having children.
As I said, Suleman lives with her parents and they help take care of her six children. As you can see her father is no spring chicken. Now she has fourteen for them to help with. How do they do it. Having one kid is expensive let alone fourteen. Now add in the cost of diapers. A package of 252 newborn size Pampers cost $40.69, that's about .16 per diaper at Babies "R" Us. Newborns pee a lot, say you're going through approximately 10 diapers a day X 8 = 80 diapers a day, 560 diapers a week. That's about $100.00 per week on just diapers and they only get more expensive as the baby grows. There's no way she can breast feed all of these babies so a case of powdered Enfimal formula (6 cans in a case) is $162.00 I have no idea how much of that she'll need. This is just their immediate needs. Throw in clothes, food, health care and every little expense that kids have and WOW.
I understand the need for a child and having to use medical science to have one. That's how I had mine. All of Suleman's 14 children were in vitro and fertilized with the sperm of the same man, a friend of hers. She said, "she hoped that when he's ready, he would be in the lives of her and her children". I can only roll my eyes at that one".
I don't really understand how a medical doctor (the same dr. each time) can think it was a good idea to transfer six embryos. Two of the embryos spilt to add up to 8 babies. Not to mention he knew she already had six kids.
Don't get me wrong, I love children. If number two son hadn't almost killed the two of us I would have had one more. I'll watch her interview coming up on Sunday and maybe I'll change my mind but I think this woman is nuts.


S said...

I don't quite know what to think about that whole deal either. it seems rather fishy or something. But, I am trying not to judge either until I have heard her speak about it.
Although, if she isn't nuts now?? She will be soon!

Kitten Herder said...

I hate to be judgmental but I think this woman must be nuts. To be in her situation and to purposefully have another child, much less multiple children, is irresponsible. I also think it's irresponsible of a fertility clinic to knowingly abet this behavior.