Sunday, December 21, 2008

Round One

Our first major snowstorm of the season technically occurred in fall. It was Friday and caused numerous headaches for drivers. My afternoon kindergarten session was canceled but actually the whole day was canceled for me as I was home with a wicked cold.

On the shores of Lake Ontario. Doesn't it look cold? We get the majority of our lake effect snow off of Lake Ontario. Once in a while we get lake effect
courtesy of Lake Erie like the storm we expect today. There won't be as much snow but blowing and drifting of what we have. Expecting wind gusts up to 50 mph.

This was after Friday's snow.
Out and about Saturday. The plows are keeping the roads clear of snow and ice. For those who live in warm climates and never have snow, the white stuff coming out of the back of the trucks is road salt. It melts the snow and ice and gives your car a "beautiful" patina of speckled white.
Out front we have a large Japanese maple (below) as well as a smaller weeping split leaf Japanese maple but no pine trees. We buy a cut evergreen, stake it up and put lights on it. We leave it up all winter because the birds like to play in it. Here it is after the snow.
Our front door.

Here's our little tree at night.
In the background is the little Japanese maple under the front window.


Kitten Herder said...

Instead of buying a cut tree, why don't you plant one. Spruces grow really slowly, so you could enjoy a 'small tree' for quite some time.