Monday, December 15, 2008


Parking can be a bitch in New York City. Take it from someone who has experienced it first hand; me.When we moved our oldest to the city in August we were there from about 3 PM on Friday, gone by 10 AM Sunday and managed to get a parking ticket.
Within two weeks of living there our son received a parking ticket. The fine was $45 but he didn't pay it right away. We know this because his car is still registered to our address and the notices came to our house. I say notices because they kept coming. By the time he paid it the fine was up to $75. Last week guess what, another parking ticket notice. We called him and said pay it now! Turns out that's small potatoes.
I hope he's not on his way to being on the outstanding parking ticket list like this guy. Seems that Alexander Khamish owes a whopping 81,000 dollars in parking tickets!
That's 415 parking tickets since 2004. Khamish isn't the only culprit, there are others that owe thousands of dollars in fines also.