Saturday, December 27, 2008


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas or whatever you may happen to celebrate. You know that killer cold I had? Well it morphed into a nasty sinus infection on Christmas Eve day. My doctor's office is closed until Dec. 29 so I thought I'd ride it out. Well that gross green snot had other ideas. By Friday the right side of my face started pounding, I could hardly move my mouth and my eye hurt along with extreme pressure. Long story short I had to go to Urgent Care and I hope to never go again. I got there at 2:40 pm and got back to an exam room at 6:10 pm. The place was full of sick people plus the emergency departments of all the hospitals were code red meaning they were full and would only take trauma so sent all others to Urgent Care. I was too sick to complain so I just waited it out. Now I'm on meds and doing better.
My best Christmas gift; both of my boys home, one from NYC, the other from college.
The whole family goes over to my sister's house Christmas morning and stay through dinner. The boys open their stockings at home before we leave. Cody purloined a candy from Kevin's and thought he'd hit pay dirt but alas we watched him take it and poor thing didn't end up eating it. That was his first insult of the day.

We arrived at my sister's where her and her husband had breakfast ready for all. Some years back one Christmas morning we found what we call the fireplace channel. Ever since then every year we have it on while opening gifts. It's just videos of different fireplaces and has Christmas music in the background.

Before opening. That's my niece and nephew in the middle and my boys at either end. The dogs are Bella the black German Shepperd pup and Maize the golden retriever. Poor Cody, insult number 2, he had to stay home. :(

Don't hurt your eyes looking at this GQ specimen. The hoodie and slippers he got for Christmas. The socks he already had as well as those shorts.

Kevin's girlfriend Therese flew in on Christmas day. We picked her up at the airport and brought her back to my sister's for dinner. They will be here until Monday when they leave to return to NYC. The first night she had trouble sleeping because it was so quiet. Sunday we will take them to Niagara Falls,
the butterfly conservatory and Niagara-on-the-Lake then the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Today is like a spring day here, 60 degrees out. I hope it's this warm tomorrow for our trip.
What did my friends in the blog world get for Christmas?


Gman said...

I loved the whole story, just a classic Christmas narration that was complete with some interesting tidbits!!! As I read on, I found myself giggling and amused by the girlfriend who found to house, "too quiet". Many years ago when the wife and I spent the holidays with my parents, the wife also commented about how quiet the house was. Of course at the time, she was entertaining her notions in the dark.....LOL.........LOL!!!!!

Kitten Herder said...

Poor Cody! And, your youngest seems to have the same fashion sense as my 15 year old. I wish I could find the fireplace channel!

Craze said...

Glad you're finally feeling better, that sinus infection sounds nasty! I'm so glad you were able to have both boys at home, what a wonderful Christmas!