Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Beach

A wonderful vacation was had by all although I'm always glad to return home to my king size bed and my own bathroom. Plus I missed my dog terribly. The weather was warm all week, sunny just the first half. I've been to Cape Cod at least 15 times and this visit was the dampest most foggy its ever been. At least your skin doesn't dry out.
I'll now regale (read bore) you with some vacation pictures. This is the beach at the Chatham lighthouse.

These pictures were taken different days from from the same spot.

Ten family members rented a house in Chatham. We'd never been there before and soon realized that it's a pretty wealthy community. The houses are so gorgeous with manicured lawns and gardens. I felt under dressed walking down Main Street, most people were wearing designer clothes and carrying expensive bags. The shops were pretty upscale but nice.

We usually go to North Truro out at the end of the cape and that's where my heart is. It's very unpretentious and down to earth. Both towns are wealthy, you'd have to be to live there but there is a difference. In Chatham you see the money. I think it's new money. In North Truro; old money. The homes are not gigantic architectural marvels, just down to earth, no lawns, just sand, gardens and sea grass. The residents walk around in shorts and shirts that they've probably had for 20 years. There is no Main Street. On the outer cape there are no chain restaurants or stores just small individually owned places.

Friday night we went into Hyannis so the boys could get the newest Harry Potter book at midnight. On the way there as we got closer I could see it becoming more commercial especially when I saw a Walgreens. That's not the Cape Cod I know and love.


"Hubby" said...

As for me, the best part of Cape Cod, was to spend 7 wonderful, memorable days with you and the boys. There was nothing I wanted more, than for all of you to have a great that topped all others.

Love ya hon!