Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I really dislike Wal-Mart for many reasons, some being that no matter when I go there the parking stinks, the store is always busy, it seems to attract rude people and it is taking over the world. There are more reasons why that I won't go into here. I broke down and moved one of my prescriptions there. I tried not to but its a drug that's on their $4 per refill list. How can I not? We do go grocery shopping there every other week or so. They are significantly cheaper than Wegmans. where I normally grocery shop.

Tonight I had to make a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some meds before I leave on vacation Saturday. As I walked up the pharmacy counter, surprise, no line but no one behind the counter either. I see an bank envelope laying there. I pick it up, it's sealed, nothing written on the outside. I open it up and hello Andrew Jackson X 10. Inside, two hundred dollars and nothing else. My first thought; someone is going to be pissed that they lost this. My second fleeting thought; wow, vacation money! For 10 seconds I was in the money! Then I thought,"what if this is some old lady's life savings who has to eat cat food now that her money is gone.

I decide to write on the envelope where I found it, the date and time. After I pay for my prescription I tell the clerk that I had found this at the counter. It must belong to the last person she rang up. I asked her what will happen to this money if no one calls to ask about it. She didn't know. I then told her that I don't think it should go into Wal-Marts coffers. They make more than enough money. So what to do with it? Donate it to a charity, a good idea but I doubt that will happen. I certainly hope someone claims it as they're kicking themselves for being so careless. Oh well, who knows but this will bother me for a bit. I wish my kids were with me because this was a huge teachable moment on several levels. What would you do??


Chelle said...

You did the right thing.....I would have done that as well...thinking the same thing....what if it belonged to some old lady, etc. You are right...would have been a good teachable lesson. :)

Dwight said...

Not only was this the right thing, but as far as I'm concerned it was the only thing!!

BTW, Hi Summer!!

j.o. said...

lobster dinner on vacation?
new pair of shoes?
summer we know you wouldnt take the money.
next time send sean to the store lol.