Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What about Harry?

Are you wild about Harry Potter? I'm not at all. While I enjoy the movies and the special effects, I'm not a fan of the books. They just aren't my cup of tea, not the genre of book I like. Both boys are H.P. fans. They say that the books are soooo much better than the movies but enjoy both. For books 3,4&5 we took them to Barnes and Noble for the midnight release of the books. Especially for the early books it was a special treat because they were much younger and to be out at midnight was the best thing ever. (at that time!) By the time book 6 rolled around Number one was driving so he and his brother went without us. (Oh darn! insert eye roll here).

For the release of the final book we were on Cape Cod. Number one found a B&N about 50 minutes away that was having the H.P. festivities and midnight release. At first we were going to let them go alone but me being the mother I am, decided that since it would be late coming home, the roads are very dark, twisty turny and unfamiliar that they better not go alone. SO, it turned into a family affair, all four of us went and made a day out of it, well afternoon and evening. We went to the book store, they got their wristbands, went to dinner, shopped around Hyannis and at 10:00 took them back to B&N. How lucky were we that at the other end of the mall from the bookstore there was a movie theater. We saw "Chuck and Larry" while they "partied" awaiting witching hour or should I way wizard hour. Long story short, as we were walking out of the movie they called at 12:08 and said they had their books.
The eight hour drive home the next day was very quiet since they both read the entire way.
I hope they always have these fun Harry Potter memories.

This was the line outside of Barnes & Noble when we left after getting the books.