Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jim Alesi, Schmuck

This is my esteemed New York senator Jim Alesi who represents me in the 55th district of the United States Congress. Take it for what it's worth, he's a republican.

There is a very interesting story in the news about him right now. Click here or here to read about it. If you'd rather not I'll summarize it for you.

In January of the year 2008 Alesi wanted to check out a home that was under construction, went to the front door which he found locked. Looking for another entry point he went around the back where he found a door without a lock. Upon entering he noticed that there was no staircase to the upper level installed yet. In place of the future staircase was a ladder which he proceeded to climb and subsequently fall off of. Unfortunately for the trespassing United States Senator he broke his leg. This home was already sold to a couple and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office gave the homeowners the option to press charges against Alesi for this trespassing. They declined to do so stating they didn't want to make it worse for the Senator and add insult to injury. Senator Alesi never contacted the owners to apologize for trespassing or to thank them for not pressing charges.

The statute of limitations for either party to sue is three years. On January 18 2011, the last day of the statute, guess what happened? If you guessed that United States Senator Jim Alesi
filed a lawsuit against the homeowner and builder Louis DiRisio you'd be right. By choosing this date it left no time for either party to counter sue. I find that so calculating and disgusting by this man.

In the lawsuit papers Sen. Alesi maintains that "the Trolley Brooks Estates was advertised as a new housing development open to the public. The homeowner and builder should have foreseen that prospective home buyers would enter open houses. The house should have been kept in a reasonably safe condition. It was the negligence of the defendants and not his fault."

According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper the builder has responded that "there was nothing indicating the house was a model available for viewing. That was private property that he entered into. A stairwell was still unfinished and the ladder was the contractor's access from a basement to the first floor. Why would anyone else other than the house's owner or builder think they had a right to scale a ladder within a structure? I guess anybody can sue anybody" said DiRisio. Louis DiRisio has also stated that he will not settle.

Some people may think he's brilliant for lawyering (not a word according to spell check but I like it) up and using the strategy to sue at the last minute. I find it reprehensible and frivolous. Now the homeowners who by the way happen to be some of his constituents and builder will have to pony up for lawyer fees to protect themselves from trespassing United States Senator Jim Alesi. I can see his foe's political commercials now when he's up for re-election. The title of this post says it all.


rick said...

That is an amazing story. Am I surprised? Not really.

Gman said...

And sadly, it has nothing to do with whether he is a democrat or a republican. Case in point:

"Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio is suing a congressional cafeteria for dental damage he says he suffered after biting into an olive pit in a sandwich wrap he bought there.Kucinich's lawsuit said the Ohio Democrat bought the sandwich on or about April 17, 2008. He is seeking damages for past and future medical and dental expenses, compensation for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment and other damages."

Seems to me that there are Scmucks on both sides of the equation...