Monday, January 24, 2011


In this country, the good old U. S. of A many people were in an uproar about the new searches and scans done by the TSA in our nation's airports. As for me, I was not upset. I welcome any technology that will stop people from terrorizing travellers. Go ahead and scan me, maybe my image will end up on line somewhere but I don't care. I've got nothing that no other female has and what I do have, well, who wants to see it? Do I care if I get felt up during a search? I'm sure it won't be comfortable but I'll never see that person again and if it somehow prevents something then grope away. People will argue that the TSA has never thwarted a terrorist attack before, if someone wants to get something through they will. I don't buy that. Can they be 100% accurate? I don't think so but they do collect knives, box cutters and guns.

I write this today because for all that believe these regulations are bull shit I'm betting at the innocent people at the Domodedovea Airport in Moscow wish they were in place at their airport. A suicide bomber has killed at least 30 people inside the terminal. These are eye witness quotes from this article. The explosion had "coated the terminal in blood." The airport was, "engulfed by smoke and spattered with body parts." I'd say those are pretty graphic descriptions. Ones that I would never want to witness or be a part of.

I will never understand how some groups of people feel that they must terrorize others who don't agree with their beliefs. I don't know what group is responsible for this or the reason behind it. I hate that the world is becoming so violent and I worry for future generations.


Gman said...

I agree 100% with your assessment. The disaster in Moscow is a fundamental example of why we even have the security measures that we do in place. But Americans are a fickle lot, and at times they seem to want to have their cake and eat it too.
The world is a very violent and volatile place and with uneasy tension between Iran and it's neighbors to the south slowly brewing, I fear it is only a matter of time before we see humanity at it's very worst yet again....