Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What's in a Name?

I enjoy crossword puzzles and do one every day if I can. Whenever I have an answer that's a celebrity I think, "they've really made it, they're an answer in a crossword puzzle."

But I've got something better; I have a goldfish named after me. A fifth grade student named Jane came to me and asked if I knew a kindergartner named Mary. Of course I did. I have 69 kindergartners this year and Mary is one of them. Seems that Mary lives next door to Jane and Mary was visiting Jane's house one day where they have 7 gold fish. Mary was admiring them and Jane asked Mary if she wanted one. Yes she did. Can I name it? Mary asked. She then told Jane that she has a principal that comes into her classroom all the time and she's really nice. I like her so I'm going to name my gold fish Mrs. Bxxxx. That's me! Now I'm not the principal but I do work in her classroom.

So while I'll never see my name as a crossword answer I do have a fish namesake.