Friday, October 08, 2010

$94. Poorer

My poor dog Cody, he's had a bad few months. First he needed oral surgery in July due to a massively infected tooth that ended up being removed. In August he had his major surgery to replace his ruptured ACL in his rear right leg. You can see in the above picture that his fur is starting to grow in nicely. But you might notice his latest haircut. Cody has had a bad allergy season this fall with lots of itchies. He's been biting at his tail something fierce and has some hot spots. We took him to see his vet, she looked at it and said it looked infected. They shaved part of his tail to get at the skin and what a mess. He has three hot spots on each side. Now he's on antibiotics for the infections, a steroid spray for inflamed skin as well as his arthritis and pain killer for his leg. He really doesn't seem to mind too much, he gets his meds with peanut butter or cheese. What more could a dog ask for except for not having all these issues.

He still looks like the happy dog he is.
He doesn't let all this stuff get to him.
My poor baby :-(


Val said...

I thought that looked like an ACL scar!
Dogs are so much tougher than we are.
Hang in there Cody; I'm sure you'll be back to 100% soon!