Thursday, July 22, 2010


Since I'm a diabetic I drink sugar free drinks. At first I hated them, I loved my Coke but eventually got used to drinking diet. Someone recommended Crystal Light and I found it to be pretty good. I love the peach tea. Kraft Foods is the maker of Crystal Light and they've changed their packaging.
This is the old style, the mix came in a little plastic cup and made 2 quarts of drink.
The new packaging has a more pleasing look to it, more modern and the drink mix is now in a little sleeve rather than that plastic cup. I assume that's better for the environment plus the label slips right off the container making it seem handy for something in my kindergarten class; what I'm not sure. I made my first batch with the new stuff and thought it tasted and looked different. It didn't taste like much at all. Me not being a rocket scientist, didn't look at the directions on the new stuff. Turns out to get the 2 quarts of tea you have to use 2 packets! How crappy is that I ask? Is the price lower on the shelf? Why no its not! Manufacturers have been doing stuff like this for years. Take ice cream for example. Used to be you got a half gallon in the carton but over time that has shrunk down to about 56 oz. but guess what? The price didn't shrink. So you actually get less ice cream for the same price and the manufacturer hopes you don't notice that. Maybe we should pay only half of our taxes and see where that gets us...

Since I seem to be complaining today I'll share this with you. Hubby and I went to Arby's last night for roast beef. I got a large sandwich but hey, I didn't have fries with it. I went to get straws, napkins etc. while he waited for the food. I was shocked to see that my sandwich arrived in this exact container. WTF, how wasteful is that? It had to be in it for less than a minute before I took it out then it ended up in the garbage. I know that isn't good for the environment. Not to mention that it can't be cost effective for the restaurant. Next time I'll ask for paper not plastic.