Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is Bigger Better?

Forget about Texas, Christmas decorations in NYC are bigger.
Inside Trump Tower. Maybe it's made of real gold?

Giant snowflakes on the outside of Saks

76 foot Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center

Big balls

Big string of lights


Rock Center tree during the day

Candy cane hanging off an office building

This building is wrapped up in a big lighted red bow. Yes it is red, the camera didn't capture the true color.

Wreaths everywhere

All the trees are covered in white lights. How'd you like to put them all on. Even worse would be untangling them while removing.

On the outside of Macy's


Gman said...

Well the only thing thats really big in Texas nowadays, is the Texas State fair and their famous foot long corney dogs. Then they cram 92,200 people into the Cotton Bowl so they can all watch Oklahoma get beat down in the Red River rivalry...