Sunday, December 13, 2009


Leaving town on our trip to NYC we were outrunning a snowstorm. The roads were a mess but the farther east we went the better the weather got.
Our 27th wedding anniversary was while we were in NYC and on that day we went to Tiffany's. Should we go in? Could we afford to go in? Oh hell, let's look around inside.

Welcome to Tiffany's said the handsome young man at the door wearing a Tiffany blue scarf.

Oh look, I got something!!!!

The little Tiffany blue box.

There it is, the heart on my charm bracelet. I've been collecting charms since high school and just love it. Starting with the four leaf clover and going clockwise I"ll bore you with each charm.
1. Four leaf clover ~from an Irish teacher I worked with.
2.Umbrella~means something to me, I also have an umbrella tattoo. Want to know, ask me
3.peanut~before my oldest was born, on an ultrasound he looked like Mr. Peanut and for 3 years we and his family called him that.
4.RN~he's now a registered nurse
5.pine cone~for many years we camped on Cape Cod in the scrub pine trees out in North Truro.
6.Cape Cod
7.Bee~I had a student that was petrified of bees and he would literally climb up me when one was near.
8.Seashell~I love them and the beach.
9.Ohio~I was born there
10.Tea cup~I have a large collection of them, many were my grandmother's.
11.Popcorn~I love it!
12.Twin Towers~Never forget
13.Flamingo~each year at our campsite we would make a mini golf course and have a tournament called the Flamingo Open with the other families that we went with.
14.Hershey Kiss~went to Hershey Park in 1977 and I love chocolate.
15.Baseball mitt~both my boys played little league and I loved it.
16.Dog bone~for all the dogs in my life.
17.Lobster~Cape Cod again
18.Book~I'm an avid reader
19.Senior~High school graduation
20.Adirondack chair~trips to the mountains
21.Maple leaf~I love Canada, got this when on I went on a class trip with my youngest to Ottawa.
22.Palm tree~Florida visits
23.Box of Chocolates~again I love chocolate and Forrest Gump is a fave movie of mine. The box hinges open and chocolate is inside.
24.Whale fluke~gone whale watching many times in Cape Cod, love whales.
25.Hockey player~was a rink rat as a kid, got this at the hockey hall of fame in Toronto
26.Pineapple~Code word for something.
27.Heart~just because
28.Eagle~both boys are Eagle Scouts
29.Crown~I am the queen
30.Tinkerbell~I had a student who was obsessed with Tink and he was very special to me
31.Tiffany heart~from my hubby for our wedding anniversary. The only thing reasonable in Tiffany's and it was overpriced at that. But I love it.
Anyone still reading??


Gman said...

wow that thing must weigh a ton! Do you have tendonitis on the limb you wear it on!:)

Very pretty-the last one indeed sparkles...