Friday, May 11, 2007

Back in the day, one thing that meant that the tide had turned and the warm weather was here was the return of muscle cars from their winter exile. I absolutely love them. Today I see VERY few of them anymore. When I was a teenager and up into my 30's it was pure joy to see them on the road again. I especially loved them if they
had the wide tires on the back.

No self respecting guy would drive their car through the winter with all the salt on the roads so they had a "beater" to drive November
through April. All winter they'd toil on the car, tweeking it to get more power out of the motor. It was their baby. Finally when the time was right, one by one you'd begin to see them appear. GTO's, Roadrunners, Dusters, Mustangs, 'Cudas, Firebirds, even an El Camino once in a while. But my most favorite of all, the one that got my heart beating and still would today if I saw one, was the '69 Camaro Z28. To feel the vibration and the deep rumble of one while it idled next to you at a stoplight, then when it went green, the roar when it took off. I love that sound.
In my first life I was previously married to a gear head. He was into drag racing and had a dragster that we towed to the strip every Saturday. I cringe at the money that was spent on that stupid car. A car that was not street legal. The racing slicks alone would break the bank. Anyway, I spent countless hours at the track, the shop, the parts store and car shows. What I liked more than anything else at the track was the muscle cars. They had a special class for street cars and the infield was loaded with jacked up, high performance muscle cars.
Today most of those cars are gone now. After all they are 30 - 40 years old. I have no idea what constitutes as a muscle car today. Certainly not a rice burner I hope. I don't care about drifting and all the other stuff guys do with imports these days. I just would love to see a cherry '69 Camaro Z28.


feetman said...

Love the muscle cars. Think of doing a photo set in such a car? I'd love that - Summer the Muscle Car Pin-up.

I know some who have old Corvettes. They put them up in the hot summer months because ... well, because it is just to F-ing hot for such a car in the oppressive heat of July and August. December here is wonderful for old cars.

I never had the money for the muscle car, but now I am getting toys that I have always dreamed about: classic utilities. I ahve an old Land Cruiser and I am thinking buying an old Rover Defender. I like them, but somethig tells me that they are not the same babe magnets.