Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sean and I had a wonderful vacation a few weeks back so we're going to return to our spot for 4 days. This time we won't be alone though. Both sons are coming with us as well as for the first time, our dog Cody. We leave tomorrow. Today is it pouring out. I hope the weather is better up there. Camping in the rain is fun for about 5-6 hours. Especially with a big, wet dog. You're stuck in the camper but play games, read or take a nap listening to the tinkling of the rain. Then it gets old. My sister and her husband and kids will be on the site next to us. We can always swap kids for a while. But in any weather it will be fun. We haven't had both of our kids with us on a camping trip for a few years. Number one son was working and needing the money the past few summers so he stayed home alone. Which I'm sure was a better vacation than being with mom and dad. The last time he went with us he was 16. And miserable. Imagine, having to go on vacation with your parents and leave your friends behind for a week. It is so horrible, all you can do is skulk around, roll your eyes and look like life as you know it is over. (Okay, I was that age once and was the same way, that was the only thing that stopped me from killing him) Fast forward a few years. Now he has two years of college under his belt and 2 summers of working full time. "You have no idea how having to be at work at 6:30 am disrupts your social life." A quote directly from him. I didn't remind him that at one time I got an infant and 4 year old up and ready in the morning, dropped them off at two different daycares and had to be at work by 7:30. Now he is very excited about going on vacation. With working he didn't have much time for himself and being in school he thinks is easier. (his words) Welcome to the real world kid! Number two son has had a friend come with him the past several years. This year his two best friends are out of the country. One in Japan, one in Barbados visiting his grandmother. Poor kid, his friends are globetrotting and he gets stuck going on a camping vacation with his parents. After all it's only right, he is 16!

One of the few things I don't care for about camping.
Below, beautiful work of nature during the day.

At night, hidious, scary, gross home of this creature

A red headed woodpecker in the garden.

This Brown-eyed Susan looks like it's waving.