Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FB va Blog

Has Facebook killed my blog? I think it might have; I spend much more time on FB interacting with people. Or maybe I'm just getting lazy. Maybe it's because on Facebook people comment, I don't know. I'll try and post more here but no promises. I don't think anyone notices.

Right now I'm on spring break from school and enjoying the respite from my kindergartners.

My son is home for a few days from New York  City. He brought his girlfriend of a year with him so we finally met her. She lives in California and every month one of them travels to the other. I asked him  why in a city the size of New York he couldn't find a girl there. Now I know, she's very sweet and she loves my son so that's what counts. The long distant relationship may come to a halt because she might move to NYC and in with him. People ask how I feel about that; I'm all for it. They're obviously pretty crazy about each other for her to give up her job, family and friends and move 3,000 miles away. What I like about it is that now when they see each other it's all wine and roses but living together will be the true test. Will she be able to put up with my son's moods and vice versa? We'll find out.

I'm just happy to meet her. Kevin sees her parents every time he goes to California along with her siblings and little nephew. He flew to Cali a few weeks ago just for the weekend for the baby's first birthday. He's called Uncle Kevin.  I was so jealous. Soon I will see her every time I see Kevin.