Saturday, March 03, 2012

Shit for Brains

Let me first say that I think Rush Limbaugh is a low life slug, an idiot, hurtful and cruel. His latest slam toward Sandra Fluke and the birth control issue is disgusting. The entire debate on whether birth control should be covered by insurance is stupid; of course it should be. Plus should men be the deciding factor in this? The Republican hearing on this didn't allow any women to participate. Did you ever notice that the loudest voices in the anti abortion issue are usually men. And let's not forget clinic bombings, done almost exclusively by men. (While I wouldn't have an abortion I am pro choice ) But isn't it the man who gets the woman pregnant? Where are these men who abandon their children? Who don't pay child support? Look at the amount of single mothers out there? Where are the fathers? Yet some Republicans would like you to believe that contraception should not be covered and in Limbaugh's little mind if you use the pill you are a slut. I'm guessing if contraception was more readily available there would be less abortions. Of course the women have to take responsibility also. If you don't want to get pregnant take your pills everyday. I say keep the government out of your sex lives. It's personal.

I do feel for the men who get their partner pregnant and want the baby and the women does not. That would be heart breaking and a tough one but in the end it's the woman's body and her right to choose.

If men want to continue to have sex then the women should have their birth control covered by insurance. After all many insurance companies cover the cost of Viagra. I bet Rush Limbaugh's Viagra is covered.

Once again Limbaugh has crossed the line with his crassness and bullying. I don't understand how people can follow him and agree with him no less. I hope this time he's shot himself in the foot. Check out this video of Rachel Maddow. It's a little long but worth the watch. I couldn't agree with her more.

The only good thing I can say about Limbaugh is thank God he doesn't have any children.

After days of bashing Ms. Fluke, Limbaugh has offered up a left handed or backwards apology for his words. I say too little too late. I hope that more companies stop advertising on his show.

Edit #2:
Limbaugh has lost another sponsor of his show, this makes 7. As far as his apology goes, did he apologize for what he said or because he is losing sponsors.