Monday, November 15, 2010


I am just so, so, very, very grossed out. My beautiful dog Cody had a few "growths" on him. He's had some previously and we didn't know what they were. It starts out when we find a small little bump then over the next few days it grows to the size of a pea and looks like it's filled with blood. Next thing you know it's gone. The whole process takes 4-7 days. I've always wanted to take him to the vet to see what it was but Hubby says why bother, it falls off. I want to know what it is so it's an ongoing debate. With in the last two months he's had maybe 4 of these "things". Finally I put my foot down, they gross me out so we e-mailed our vet who happens to live down the street from us and is on maternity leave. She said it sounds like a tick.

A tick?! I told Hubby get him to the vet fast and get it removed. Dr. Hawkins said we could remove it ourselves but he didn't want to do that just in case it wasn't a tick and he's trying to pull it off. Well it was official, it was a tick, a deer tick to be exact. We live next door to the woods and he likes to go for walks over there, that's where he was getting them. The vet says that this is a pretty bad fall season this year, lots of them around. Luckily Cody has had just one at a time but they are so gross and now that I know what they are it's even worse. For some reason they really bother me. I can clean up dog poo, vomit (well Hubby usually does that), clean the sleepy dirt out of his eyes and I've even removed fleas from a previous dog and pinched them between my fingernails so I'm not very squeamish. But these things are hideous. I did some research on line about ticks and I'm not kidding when I say that I lost my appetite for a few days. Just thinking about them makes me feel nauseous.

Do you want to be grossed out too? I can't post the pictures, they're too disturbing to me so I'll give you the link, look at your own risk.

Here Don't say I didn't warn you. I think I just threw up in my mouth.


tornwordo said...

That poor doggie in that last pic! Pretty gross, glad I haven't had to face any of those yet. One nice thing about living in the big city.

Sandi said...

Ticks are definitely gross. Has your dog been vaccinated for Lyme disease? That is spread from deer ticks.

Anonymous said...

Human is not the only creature we can feel sorry for, but also animal and plant

Val said...

Can't your vet sell you some Frontline? Hell, they even carry it at Tractor Supply these days!