Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today Hubby suggested we visit the Naples Grape Festival which we've never done. Naples is located about 50 miles south of my town of Rochester NY. We took the scenic route but actually that's the only way to get there. Naples is a little town down in a valley of the Finger Lake region of New York, the perfect area to grow grapes and that equals wineries. There were lots of people, lots of arts and crafts, lots of food and lots of grapes. Grape pie, grape cookies, grape fudge and plain old grapes. Heaven if you're a grape lover. I like grapes but not in a pie, cookie or fudge.

One of the houses in town. I love the color purple but some things just shouldn't be purple like cars and houses. I saw this house and loved the purple, it was the right shade and a perfect fit.

One of the wineries..

I think she's got the wrong festival.
This is a Grape Festival not a Renaissance Fair.

I've not seen anyone looking like this in the city.

Even the fire hydrants in Naples are purple.
Another thing that shouldn't be purple.

One thing about living along the festival route you can put your junk out to sell in your yard. I couldn't help but wonder who would buy a used breast pump?

All in all it was a pleasant day for a drive and people watching. Oh and I bought some earrings.