Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Calendar Says SPRING

Ever have one of those days where everyone and everything seems to bother you or piss you off? I'm having an entire weekend like that. Poor hubby is taking the brunt of it but not as much as he could be. My parents are staying with us for a week while waiting to close on their house so I have to be somewhat good. What I really want to do is go up into my bedroom, close the door, climb into bed with my computer and book and speak to no one. UGH.
On another note, here it is spring time along the banks of Lake Ontario...
The spray from the waves has encased the vegetation in ice.

While the sun was shining it was very deceiving, it was cold that day (March 25), only 25 degrees outside. My eye caught the sparkle of the ice as we were driving along the lake shore.

This is my favorite picture with the ice covering the stones making them looking like glass. At least my daffodils are up about 3 inches. The renewal of the Earth can't come soon enough for me. Maybe then I'll come out of my room.


S said...

I like the ice pictures! how cool!