Sunday, June 07, 2009

Breakfast at McDonald's

Dear Ron,
Can I call you Ron? You know I love your breakfast. My favorite is the sausage biscuit. The fluffy biscuit and sausage, not too spicy and tender, mmmm. Today I splurged and went with a sausage biscuit with egg and cheese. It was okay but I like just plain sausage better. But that's not what this is about. Hubby went through the drive through this morning and when he got home this is what was in the bag...
Can these hash browns be any more crispy and gross and ineatable. There's not even any potato left in them. You'd break your teeth if you tried to eat them. I've long suspected that when you go through the drive through you get food that's been sitting around. How often will people return to ask for a replacement? How could your employees serve these?? The hash browns just confirm my drive through theory.


In other weekend events we hit the garden stores looking for a replacement for our monstrous 15 foot burning bush that was taking over the front of our house. Of course I had to look at the flowers even though I have absolutely no room to plant anything else. I love marigolds. There's something about the warm yellow, orange and red colors plus the fact that they're a very rugged flower, you can't kill these things. I even like the smell of them.

The edge of the leaves of this coleus make me think of a costume from Dancing with the Stars.

Lily of the Nile. I wish I had room for this.

As the weekend came to a close we walked over to the pond by our house to look for some tadpoles for my kindergarten class. There were plenty of them there but this Canadian goose family kept swimming over to us and stirring up the tadpoles. I think they thought we had something for them to eat. These things are big and I didn't want to get too close since sometimes they can be mean. What ever you did this weekend I hope you had fun doing it :)
Off to watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels now. See ya


Kitten Herder said...

Yuck on those hash browns.

FYI ... I just got around to watching "Super Size Me". It'll be a long time before I eat at McDonalds again after watching that.