Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What a World

Let me say up front that this is not about male bashing. That said...why are many men so violent? Why are they so angry about life and carry that anger for years? I don't get it. Another rash of school shootings in the news really got me wondering that. Three in the past week, all done by males, two of them long past school age. And why did two of them specifically target girls? You send your children off to school thinking that they're in a safe place for a few hours and shit like this happens. In my school, elementary grades K-5 we now practice lock down procedures. Yes, lock downs in case of an intruder. When I was in grade school many years ago we practiced air raid drills. We either went into the hallway away from the windows or under our desk. The difference being it never happened for real, we were never bombed. Today these kids practice that procedure knowing that yes, it has happened to other school children. I worry for them and all the children yet to come. What kind of world will they grow up in?


Pyrhonik said...

The world gives me a "Lord of the Flies" feeling sometimes and shit like what you have described is one of those times. For a lot of males out there, they have no direction and as a result, no sense of purpose. So they wander until they either get in trouble or find a purpose. Sometimes the aggressive hard wiring in a male leads to these events. It's a shitty thing. Completely.